The HeadStart@HKUST offers you a unique experience in the following 3 areas – summer internship, career mentorship, and hard- and soft-skill training and development.

As a HeadStart Fellow, you will first be given the chance to partake in an intense yet experience-filled summer internship. Our internship partners come from all corners of the business world – some may be billion-dollar companies, while some may be promising start-ups; some may ask you to spend your summer overseas, while some may offer you a glimpse of the cutting-edge business or technology breakthroughs in Hong Kong.

After the summer, those who excel exceptionally at their internship positions and demonstrate enthusiastic participation in the program’s engagement activities may be invited to participate in a longer-term career mentorship program, receiving more support and guidance from top industry leaders to further develop their future career potentials.

Being a HeadStart Fellow is a great honor that also comes with substantial commitment and responsibilities. Our candidates need to understand that one’s career potential goes far beyond just securing a good internship, and acquiring a real understanding of the market cannot be achieved by attending a few career-related workshops.

As such, we want candidates whose talents and drive shine not through academic achievement alone but – more importantly – through a demonstrated desire to be challenged, inspired, and transformed. We also want candidates who dare to venture outside their regular comfort zone, having the courage to interact with high-level industry leaders, try out a previously unfamiliar industry, and interact with other fellows in the program to grow together. In other words – while academic performance is one of our selection criteria, your desire to achieve excellence in this program and stay committed to the program until the end constitute the essential qualities that we are looking for.

This is a program where your career potentials may be calibrated to the next level – and at a much earlier start! So apply today and get ready for this challenging yet exciting journey ahead!

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